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1. General Design


General design includes many functions, e.g. development of design documentation, supervision of compliance with its contents in the process of construction or revamping, as well as its timely update, if necessary.



Development of project concept:


  • Developing a project concept and main technical solutions in several variants, using 3D modelling.
  • Defining CAPEX with an accuracy of ±15 %.
  • Developing bills of quantities.



Development of “Project Design” Stage:


Developing design documentation in compliance with Regulations on the composition of design documentation sections and requirements for their contents approved by Decree No.87 of the RF Government dated 16.02.2008 “On Composition of Design Documentation Sections and Requirements for Their Contents” (in revision No.235 dated 13.04.2010), “RF Urban Development Code”, “RF Land Code” and other regulatory documents using 3D modelling, which gives a number of advantages in comparison with conventional methods of project development:


  • minimization of discrepancies between project sections;
  • automatic tagging of diagrams and details;
  • exact definition of weight and dimensions of the installed elements;
  • full visualization of installation diagrams, details and so on.


Developing a tender package to arrange a tender for the selection of the General Contractor.



Development of “Detailed Design” Stage:


  • Developing detailed design documentation.
  • Arranging design supervision on the construction site.



Rendering Services of General Designer:


Performing functions of the General Designer, with involvement of subcontractors and partners.  Responsibility for the project towards the Customer.

Coordinating activities between subcontractors and the design team.

Supervision of Project Design and Detailed Design documentation compliance in the process of construction or revamping, as well as timely updates, if necessary.

By order of the Customer, collecting and preparing all initial permits necessary to submit the documentation for expert review.



2. Expert Review of Project Design, Detailed Design and Cost Estimate Documentation


  • Expert review for the compliance with requirements of technical regulations, GOSTs, SNiPs and applicable RF legislation.
  • Checking the correctness and justification of applied technical solutions in order to optimize the project cost by using advanced technical solutions used in the world practice.
  • Expert review of cost estimate documentation in the full scope.
  • Analysing the impact of revealed deficiencies on project implementation and cost, and developing recommendations for their elimination.