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1. Bank Engineer


  • Analysing the current activities at the facility.
  • Analysing the forecast activities at the facility.
  • Analysing the construction site.
  • Analysing the external infrastructure.
  • Analysing the design documentation and proposed design solutions.
  • Analysing the project implementation cost.
  • Analysing the investment project schedule.
  • Analysing the purchase procedure.
  • Describing the current project situation.
  • Analysing project risks.



2. Customer Engineer, Engineering Agent


The scope of services of the Customer Engineer includes a package of engineering and consulting services at all stages of project implementation.


The scope of services of the Customer Engineer (Engineering Agent) at different stages of project implementation:


Arrangement, Implementation and Follow-up of Tender Procedures:


  • Developing tender conditions, tender documentation, technical assignment and technical requirements for tender participants.
  • Expert review of technical and commercial proposals / tender applications.
  • Participation in competitive negotiations on the side of the Customer.
  • Developing a draft contract.
  • Supporting the Customer in case of entering in an agreement with contractors.


Supervision and Support of Design and Survey Activities:


  • Monitoring and engineering supervision of design and engineering activities.
  • Checking the results of engineering surveys.
  • Expert review of design and cost estimate documentation.
  • Developing recommendations for optimization of layout and design solutions.
  • Expert review, approval and support of detailed design documentation.


Supervision and Support of Transport and Logistic Operations related to Delivery of Equipment, Materials and Structures to the construction site:


  • Supervision of equipment manufacture schedule.
  • Supervision of equipment supply.
  • Arranging and participating in factory tests and inspections.
  • Support of customs procedures.
  • Incoming control.


Project Control at the Stage of Construction, Installation and Commissioning Activities:


  • Development and/or expert review of project schedules and supervision of work deadline management.
  • Monitoring and engineering supervision of preparatory works.
  • Expert review, approval and support of as-built documentation.
  • Monitoring and engineering supervision of construction and installation activities.
  • Monitoring and engineering supervision of commissioning activities, including expert review of their programs.
  • Supervision of activities coordination for different construction participants on the construction site, keeping record and monitoring of personnel qualification for General Contractor and Subcontractors.


Financial Supervision – Supervision of Investment Intended Expenditure and Minimization of Project Risks:


  • Estimating the total cost and analysing justification of expenses borne for the project.
  • Analysing executed agreements in terms of compliance of their cost and other provisions with market conditions and industry-specific practice.
  • Analysing the expenditure budget and assessing the summary cost estimate of project implementation for its fullness and compliance with target parameters of project implementation declared in the project business plan, including comparison with similar projects.
  • Estimating justification of cost items, including the cost of construction and installation activities, construction materials and equipment.
  • Estimating the need and the amount of capital expenses for additional scopes of work necessary for project implementation.



3. Technical Audit of Construction


  • Analysing the construction site and external infrastructure.
  • Analysing the design documentation and proposed design solutions.
  • Analysing the project implementation cost and schedule.
  • Analysing and estimating the summary cost estimate for project implementation.
  • Analysing purchase procedures, expert evaluation of the cost of equipment, construction, installation and commissioning activities.
  • Analysing project risks.
  • Monitoring the availability of necessary permits and compliance with requirements of supervision authorities.
  • Expert review of project implementation schedule.
  • Management of deadlines established in the project schedule.
  • Expert review of contracts.
  • Spot expert review of detailed design documentation in terms of the scope of work and cost estimates in order to check justification of payments to contractors.
  • Monitoring of the main and auxiliary equipment supply.
  • Supervision of construction, installation activities and commissioning activities.



4. Laboratory Control


  • Independent spot quality control for construction and installation activities and their results at all stages of the Facility construction using operating instrumental and laboratory control. Revealing and preventing violations of standard operating procedures in the process of construction at the earliest stages of their detection.
  • Independent spot control of compliance of materials, equipment, structures, tools with the requirements of technical regulations. Revealing and preventing application of materials, structures, equipment and tools of poor quality during the Facility construction.
  • Participating in the development of process charts for organizational-technical measures and quality control diagrams for construction and installation activities and output products.
  • Analysing reasons causing defects in construction and installation activities, materials, structures, products, elements and developing measures for their prevention and elimination.
  • Introduction of advanced expertise in construction quality control processes.