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1.    Comprehensive Support of Tender Procedures


  • Development and expert review of a document management system, regulations and rules in order to arrange and carry out tender procedures, including those in compliance with applicable legislation and the accepted practice.
  • Development and expert review of tender documentation, technical assignment, technical requirements for tender participants and criteria for tender applications evaluation.
  • Ranking tender applications based on evaluation criteria approved by the Customer.
  • Participation in competitive negotiations on the side of the Customer.
  • Developing a draft contract.
  • Supporting the Customer in case of entering in an agreement with contractors.



2.    Audit of Project Design, Detailed Design and Cost Estimate Documentation


  • Check for the compliance with requirements of technical regulations, GOSTs, SNiPs and applicable RF legislation.
  • Checking the correctness and justification of applied technical solutions in order to optimize the project cost by using advanced technical solutions.



3.    Project Expert Review


  • Expert review of entitling, initial permitting and contractual documentation.
  • Analysing the main design solutions, checking design documentation.
  • Checking the compliance with design and/or construction schedules, with issuing recommendations for the update of the actual design and/or construction schedule.
  • Analysing the project budget and risks of its increase.
  • Developing recommendations to optimise works related to project implementation.
  • General conclusions on financial and technical feasibility of project implementation.



4.    Technical Audit


  • Analysing the current state of a power facility, specifying equipment efficiency and reliability indicators.
  • Estimating technical and economic feasibility of the investment program.
  • Analysing efficiency of personnel operation and facility control systems.
  • Developing a forecast of power station key operational parameters.
  • Analysing reliability of power station operation and risks related to the state of equipment.
  • Analysing fuel supply and transportation system for the power station.
  • Analysing a scheme of power distribution and the existing limitations.



5.    Environmental Audit


  • Checking environmental documentation of the enterprise.
  • Detailed inspection of equipment and environmental facilities.
  • Assessing negative impact of enterprise equipment on the environment.
  • Developing detailed reports with proposals of measures to reduce comprehensive negative impact of the enterprise on the environment.
  • Assessing possible environmental risks.
  • Developing prospective plans of measures to reduce comprehensive negative impact of the enterprise on the environment.



6.    Support of Design Activities and Design Adaptation


  • Support of design works, namely meeting the requirements of regulatory documents, laws and regulations, consultations for design documentation development.
  • Analysing requirements of regulatory and legal acts.
  • Preparing a list of engineering companies included in the list of authorised engineers having experience in the necessary field, specifying technical specialisation.
  • Adapting and authorising the necessary design and permit documentation in compliance with legal acts and standards.